Personal Financial Planning: What Are The Steps To Follow?

For those uninitiated to the finance world, personal financial planning can be a daunting and intimidating task. With all the technical jargon and diversity of information available online, you might often feel discouraged from pursuing this path. This can be a perilous decision for your future, as we all know it is important to secure yourself financially as early as possible. The right time to start is now! 

That is why this blog makes personal financial planning easy for you. Follow this step-by-step guide to personal financial planning and confidently venture into a financially stable future with Tailwind, the best online wealth management platform!

1. Step 1: 

Figure out how much you can afford to save every month: From your monthly income, work yourself to a rough amount guaranteed to save every month. If not guaranteed, decide a monthly goal amount you must save. To arrive at this number, you can budget your monthly expenses, or, you can keep in mind what your financial goals are. 

2. Step 2: 

Set your financial goals: Without goal based financial planning, you will be running around like a headless chicken in financial investments. These goals will guide your investment efforts and direct you towards a more fruitful and productive financial planning journey. They will determine the nature and scope of your portfolio as well. 

3. Step 3: 

Track your expenses: Although tiresome, this step is integral to personal financial planning. Once you start tracking your expenses, you will know exactly where your money is going and how much you should cut down on all the splurging. It could expand your savings pool, boosting the capital available for investments. The more you invest, the more money your money will make for you!

4. Step 4: 

Determine your risk appetite: Based on your goals and current financial conditions, determine how much risk you can afford to take. Accordingly, you can narrow your options and start looking at a mix of financial instruments that fit your risk tolerance.

5. Step 5:

Take the help of a digital wealth management platform to start your financial planning journey: Once your goals are decided, choose a reliable platform that will chalk out your investment plan based on your goals. Tailwind, for example, has expert wealth managers to suggest and execute diversified and profitable portfolios customised according to your objectives and risk appetite.
With this guide, you only have to take the first step. If you feel stuck anywhere, we are always here to help you with a team of wealth management experts at


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