How to Select a Trusted Portfolio Management Services Provider?

Choosing a portfolio management services provider is a key step in building wealth for HNIs and UHNIs. Given the massive corpus of capital required to invest in portfolio management, one has to be extremely careful and selective in picking the right service provider. Today, even as fintech continues to streamline the process of portfolio management and make its expertise more accessible to customers, it is still a challenging task to choose the right provider whom you can trust your wealth with.

In the give-and-take relationship that is the core of portfolio management, the right service providers play a key role in maintaining trust, establishing long-standing relationships, and growing wealth from wealth. In this blog, we’ll give you a few tips on how to choose a reliable portfolio management service provider for your investment journey.

Who is a Portfolio Management Service Provider?

A portfolio is a mix of all the physical and financial assets that you have invested in. This service requires a minimum investment of 50 lakhs and hence, is majorly used by HNIs and UHNIs. A portfolio management service provider comes with the acute market and financial expertise to let your money make more money. These firms, individuals, or online platforms, have the right kind of experience to be reliable partners in examining and growing your portfolio. They are resourceful and can help investors maximize their returns.

How to select a trusted PMS provider?

1. Choose a provider with the right approach to investment:

Every PMS Manager comes with their own expertise and method of investing. Pick a Manager whose approach aligns with your risk profile and requirements. It could be a Large Cap only portfolio, it could be a Multi Cap portfolio which invests in all market caps, it could have a Top Down Stock picking approach etc. Every strategy has it’s own features and you need to pick the one suited for you.

2. Check the track record of the provider:

What has been their approach to portfolio management in the past? What are the returns they have been delivering to their clients? Because PMS requires deep research, process driven approach, and agility, it is important that you verify each and every piece of information about a provider’s track record. For example, if you want to invest in bluechips, choose a PMS provider that has a proven track record of delivering consistent returns in that strategy.

3. Examine their USPs:

Assess the competitive edge of every provider, and try to get a sense of what sets them apart from the rest. Some of the benefits you can go for are the consistency in performance, size of the organisation, absence of exit load, zero lock-in period, and so on. You could also look at their specialisation if they are experts in certain sectors or market capitalisation. Depending on what your investment goals are, pick a provider that closely aligns with them in terms of expertise.

4. Pick a hassle-free service provider:

We know that the regulatory and administrative environment within the space of financial markets is massive and quite complex. That is why choose a provider that will manage those tasks and processes for you. For example, go for a provider that can send you your fully-audited reports on a bi-annual basis so that you don’t have to stress about your investments around the time you start preparing for tax filings. Want to know what it feels like to have a personalised portfolio management service at your disposal? Connect with us at to know how we can help you build your own capital, and your future!


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