Invest in High Returns
Fixed Income Strategies

  • Target Returns over 10% p.a. on post tax basis
  • Start investing from as low as Rs.20,000
  • Choose investments with complete transparency

Leasing Financing Investments for High Fixed Returns

Low minimum investments

Investment starts at as low as Rs 20,000 to encourage greater participation & diversification

High fixed returns

Attractive post-tax IRR of 10%+ providing significant returns over alternatives

Complete flexibility

Get entire information on the lease and decide where you want to invest

Unlock the Alpha while
managing Beta

Due Diligence

Our partners conduct detailed due diligence before listing any deal

Reputed Companies

Companies involved in the deal are reputed business with startups involved also being backed by large VCs or reputed investors

Seamless Process

Deal discovery, execution and reporting are all done largely through a digital process

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Alternatively, you can invest through
our curated mutual fund baskets

Liquid investments, Large well-known corporates or
government & curated stacks for quick setup

Disclaimer :

Tailwind Financial Services Private Limited is NOT a stock exchange recognised by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (“SEBI”) under the Securities Contract (Regulations) Act, 1956. Our Platform (ie. or company or any affiliates are not a fund raising platform. Our plaform only registers interest of investors to participate in investing and shares information of going investment offered by our partners with this set of investors only. Information shared is private and confidential, not meant for circulation or distribution to general public. Interest investors are thereafter redirected to respective partner platform through which the investments are being pooled for allocation in the target strategy. All check and diligence required under regulation is being undertaken by the managers of the respective partner platforms. Investors and partner platforms may be allowed to interact with each other in a restricted environment. No securities are offered by any company on the Platform. Tailwind itself is only acting as a referer or distribution partner, however, we are NOT registered with SEBI as an Angel Fund or Investment Manager. The investments made by Investors is through partner platforms and these investments are not traded on any stock exchange recognised by SEBI.

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